Finding the Best Washing Machine For You

Buying a new washing machine is quite a pricey event these days and due to the modern technology, there are a great many features available to choose from. The best thing to do is to decide what exactly you need from your new washing machine and what your budget is before heading off to the shops to make the actual purchase.

The first thing you need to consider is the space that you have available and you need to measure this up carefully and take the tape with you to the shops so that you can check. Do not assume that the new washer will fit where your old one did, there are a range of sizes available these days kenmore washer repair los angeles.

The next important consideration is whether to buy a top loader or a front load washing machine. Top loaders are traditionally the most common type in the US but more and more front load machines are now available. These have been the machine of choice in Europe for some time.

Front load machines use a lot less water – somewhere between one third to one half less in actual fact so a significant amount. This means that not only is less water used, but less energy is used to heat the smaller amount of water. The energy labels are useful tools in determining this as they show how much energy each machine uses. The interesting thing about these is that they are provided by the Department of Energy and not the manufacturers so you can rely on the information given to be accurate.

The next thing that you need to think about is what features you really need and which you would like and then finally you think about your budget. The budget will more than likely determine which features you get so if you work out those that are really important to you, this will be a great help in making the right decisions.

Variable spin speeds can be important as a lower speed helps to protect your more delicate items and a good top speed of 1000rpm is great for those heavier harder to dry items. Some machines have an extra rinse facility which ensures all the detergents are removed from your clothes. Steam washers are a fairly recent development but they do tend to be the more expensive models. They are reported to be excellent for removing stains.

You also need to consider whether you want electronic displays or even LCD touch screens. They look great but they don’t actually make the washer do the washing any better so it is purely a question of what you want. Always remember that the more complicated the machine, the more likely it is that something will go wrong.

In recent years some of the best washing machine manufacturers have bought up other companies and they market cheaper products through those other companies and their brand names. However in most cases, they use the same quality parts in those cheaper models and this is a much better proposition than just buying a really cheap machine with cheap parts.

For instance GE and Whirlpool are great manufacturers so knowing that GE make Hotpoint and RCA washing machines and Whirlpool make Kitchen Maid, Roper, Sears and Kenmore is useful information. Maytag washers have a good reputation for being reliable and European machines made by Miele are also known to be good.

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